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    Laboratory Services

    We offer private tuition for Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical lessons . HOW WE DO IT A student visit our institution with any laboratory work
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    We help our students to acquire better communication skills in French. WE TRAIN YOU IN: Speaking French. Writing French Reading skills Listening and c
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    English Proficiency

    We help our students to acquire better communication skills in English. WE TRAIN YOU IN: Speaking English. Writing English Reading skills Listening an
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    Kiswahili Proficiency

    We help our students to acquire better communication skills in Kiswahili. WE TRAIN YOU IN: Speaking Kiswahili. Writing Kiswahili Reading skills Listen
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    Tuition Services

    We offer tuition lessons for regular high school students. HOW WE DO IT. We teach our students in se
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    Bridging Services

    We offer bridging lessons throughout the year for those willing to repeat a particular subject. WHAT
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    Adult Education

    We offer lessons throughout the year for  adults, either part time or full time. DEPARTMENT OF ADULT
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    KCSE Registration

    We  teach and register students  for KCSE as a private candidate. WHO IS ELLIGIBLE TO SIT FOR KCSE?
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